Our mission is to assist businesses with their digital transformation. How technology is being used today is transforming, and that threatens to leave a lot of companies behind. We aim to help these companies with their transformation. At the same time, we’ve also been able to help newer, more technologically-included companies build infrastructure and stand out. This is because we already have a track record of bringing the companies of yesteryear to today, and vice versa, allowing us to offer the best of both worlds.

Brandon Cross ended his last venture in 2019 and established the first version of Hoyack in March/May 2020, and started consulting on cybersecurity before transitioning into software development. However, Hoyack LLC is still able to keep all engines running for cybersecurity, and is perfectly capable of standing ground against the big threats of today’s digital frontier.

Brandon's last venture was top 3 in the seventh largest market in the US for service providers. Since then, he has focused more on software development as well as creative branding. Some key personnel include Chris Allen, who also worked with his father’s company, as well as Vid Luther, who he knew from Nick Longo. Manaj was also a VP on Node throughout his entire time there.

In terms of growth, we’ve gone from zero to six figures in the first year. In the second year, we doubled and then we quadrupled. We’re on point to go 10x this year.


Brandon Cross

Brandon Cross has turned his lifelong passion for technology into several successful ventures. From the account software company owned by his father to managing tech projects for Harvard University and Shriners Children’s Hospital, Brandon Cross helps companies prepare for the technological hurdles of the digital age. With a penchant for cyber-security and start-up business, Brandon Cross has become a reliable and trustworthy source in an increasingly-shifting digital frontier.