Have you ever wondered how to become a freelancer?


reelancing is one of the fastest growing sectors. Tomorrow’s brand is YOU.

The Hoyack Agency helps to cultivate the local freelancer community by organizing with other freelancers and like minded entrepuneurs. We have provided training to emerging freelancers and are curating our own team of experts.

If you want to learn how to become a freelancer, or are currently offering freelancing services and wish to discuss working with our team on projects, then we would be happy to meet and discuss.

While we are primarily focused on developing our Agency’s network in and around the San Antonio region, we work with freelancers both nationally and internationally. Our freelancers work together in a variety of silo’s on a wide range of projects.

In 2020 we will have the opporunity to begin countless new projects, and need the best team of professionals around us. We need skills in several key areas where RFP action will be very hot. We know how to get the deals, but we need more freelancers to help us fulfill the coming work.

The isn’t the Gig Economy

We offer our Agency Freelancers Zero Cost Leads!

Hot Opporunities

We are quite interested in Upwork Rated Freelancers with these skills:


San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Sales Force

San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Penetration Testing

San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Fullstack Development

San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Visual Basic 6 to VB Net Conversion

San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Texas P&C Certified Insurance Agent

San Antonio, Texas, USA.

What Does The Recruitment Process Look Like?

Ready to freelance?

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