Technology Planning

Functional Spec’s, guiding documents, roadmaps, pipelines – everything starts with a plan.

With vast project management experience, we understand the value of a solid plan from day one. We rarely will recommend diving into any project without a detailed specification, milestones and tasks. We leverage a variety of project management tools and metholodigies to achieve results you will love.


Application Development for 2020

Today’s apps don’t resemble those from yesteryear. Don’t be left behind running legacy systems.

Your technology is your organization’s compeditive advantage. It’s tough enough that everyone is already trying to get ahead of you but it’s even tougher when you put yourself behind the curve with legacy applications and methodologies. We help keep systems from becoming dinosaurs, and push them into the space age.


Systems Integration

Modern platforms from SAAS providers are serverless fabrics which execute code on microservices in the cloud.

Traditional monolithic apps are being retired in favor of more agile serverless microservice architecture. It is a paradigm shift that enables companies to do more with less. IT departments are often focused on upgrading traditional systems instead of looking forward to migrating applications. We bridge the gap and enable digital transformation.


Cyber Ops

Most companies who have been hacked had an IT department proactively managing their network.

Organizations need an unbiased 3rd party to review the security stance of the technology platforms. Don’t take your IT departments word for it that your organization is secure, and don’t sign off on unlimited expenses earmarked as “cyber security” either. Strike the balance by letting us help you negotiate with your IT vendors to achieve the standards.


What Challenge Are You Facing?

Tell us what road blocks are in the way of your goals.